Whilst the Galaxy tops the iPhone in terms of simplicity, Apple beats out Samsung as the simpler brand

Users find Samsung Galaxy simpler than iPhone, says survey

Samsung’s Galaxy has topped Apple’s flagship iPhone in a new survey, which polled users to rate each device’s ease of use.

Conducted by Siegel+Gale, the surrey found users to rate the Samsung Galaxy for simplicity over the iPhone.

Over 400 individuals were polled as part of the survey, as respondents were found to value the Galaxy for its "easy-to-use advanced features – from high-speed file transfers to instant photo-tagging and sharing – making it simpler for users to share information."

"By being compatible with nonproprietary apps and accessories, the Galaxy came across as simpler to the many people we surveyed," concluded Siegel+Gale.

The firm cites one respondent in particular, who claimed: "Samsung Galaxy is a significant threat to iPhone because it is able to do more – and do it more simply – than iPhone."

However, whilst Samsung chalked up a win in terms of individual products, Sigel+Gale’s Global Brand Simplicty Index placed Apple as a brand above its South Korean rival.

The result would indicate that whilst users found the Galaxy device simpler to use than the iPhone, they found Apple’s entire portfolio of products simpler to use than those of Samsung.

"At the brand level, Apple is perceived as simpler than Samsung, but on a product level, challenger Galaxy has knocked the long-standing simplicity champion onto the canvas and out of first place," said Sigel+Gale.

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