Theft at library could have ended community sessions

SimplyFixIt replaces iPad after it’s stolen from class for blind computer users

Edinburgh-based tech retailer and repairer SimplyFixIt has stepped in to replace a stolen iPad after it was taken from a blind user at a library.

The thief seems to have specifically targeted a computer class for partially sighted and blind users at the Central Library, and took the iPad from a student’s lap. 

Class leader Jim McKenzie used the device in conjunction with an app called Supernova that enables users to increase the font size or listen to what’s been displayed on a PC screen.

McKenzie told The Edinburgh Reporter: ”I’m absolutely delighted that SimplyFixIt have offered to give me a replacement iPad – it’s restored my faith in humanity! The iPad had proved really popular with the Resource Centre users and it’s great that we’ll be able to continue to run these sessions. Although it was my own device, I mainly used it for working with the blind and visually impaired people who would come in to the library. I decided to get one after the RNIB hailed the technology as the way forward. It’s been a huge success and we’re getting more and more people asking to use it. I’m very grateful that we’ll be able to continue these sessions.”

SimplyFixIt’s Scott Wilkinson commented:”The perpetrator of this cowardly act was obviously the lowest type of human being imaginable. To target a vulnerable individual without consideration of his circumstances is reprehensible. We felt, as a local business, that we could not stand by without doing something.

“If for the sake of a few hundred pounds we could reinstate the continuation of the class then it is a no brainer on our part. Hopefully, this should send a lesson to anyone else who tries to steal from the vulnerable.”

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