DJ music software hopes to make its way onto iOS and Android

eJay launches Kickstarter campaign to bring software to touchscreen devices

A new Kickstarter campaign is aiming to bring groundbreaking DJ music software eJay to iOS and Android touchscreen devices.

Back in 1996, the arrival of eJay proved to be a landmark moment for budding DJs, as the software enabled PC users to create their own compositions via its substantial bank of samples, beats, riffs and effects.

17 years later, a fully redesigned version of the software is about to introduce itself to a new generation of users in the form of eJay Pure.

The culmination of a collaboration between independent developer Wired Productions and eJay’s original creators Helmut Schmitz and Bernhard Throll, eJay Pure is designed to capitalise on the benefits of touchscreen technology for the creation of musical compositions.

To show their support for eJay Pure, fans can begin by visiting the dedicated Kickstarter funding page, where they can pledge anything from £1 upwards to ensure that the software sees the light of day. Should eJay pure come to fruition, it will be completely free for anyone to download on their touchscreen devices.

Furthermore, by pledging anything from £1, users will automatically receive 1000 royalty free samples, as well as some other nice surprises. These include, downloadable copies of eJay PC titles, exclusive eJay Pure merchandise and the opportunity to record your own song for inclusion within the final version.

Those who donate will also be in with a chance of winning a flight to Stuttgart, Germany – the birthplace of eJay – and spend two days with Marc Gminder and his team of engineers in ‘masterclasses’ for making music.

“eJay was the first DJ music creation software to break into the mainstream, offering PC owners the chance to produce music tracks which could rival those created in expensive recording studios,” said Leo Zullo, managing director, Wired Productions.

“There are countless anecdotes of eJay providing the spark to ignite a career in music – many DJs who cut their teeth on the software are still active members of its community,” he continued. “We’re thrilled to be engineering the software from the ground up to enable anyone anywhere to compose their own masterpieces.”

“eJay singlehandedly created a music creation phenomenon,” added Schmitz. “Its simplicity belied an engine which allowed for incredible flexibility and stunning production values. Some of the tunes which emerged from the eJay series are still played in clubs all over the world. The idea that we’ll be able to put this technology into people’s hands is tremendously exciting.”

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