A new job posting from Apple has further fueled speculation the firm is considering fingerprint technology within its new iPhone

Apple hints at fingerprint technology in upcoming iOS devices

Apple has offered a further hint that the firm is looking to incorporate fingerprint technology within its future iPhone and iPad devices.

A recent job posting from the firm details its search for a software engineer to join its new team at the Melbourne Design Centre, Florida. Interestingly, this is the same location as that of the AuthenTech, which Apple bought out last year.

Bought by Apple in a deal worth $356m, AuthenTech specialises in fingerprint sensors and identity management.

The acquisition and job posting have fuelled further speculation that Apple is working on fingerprint technology, which would feature in its future iOS devices.

Rumours surrounding the new technology have circled for a while now, as Apple revealed it would feature new technology in its upcoming devices in reaction to Samsung, which recently revealed its Galaxy S 4 smartphone and the device’s eye recognition tech.

Following Samsung’s unveiling of the Galaxy S 4 – which is largely regarded as the iPhone’s closest competitor – the inclusion of new technology such as fingerprint recognition seems like an increasingly likely one.

Additional reports have indicated that Apple is looking to replace the iconic Home button of the iPhone with its rumoured finger recognition feature.

Whilst Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 is set to launch this month, consumers will have to wait a while longer to see if the rumours are true, as the iPhone 5S is reportedly set for a June lauch.

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