New focused division brings mobile and IT accessories together

Micro-P creates ‘Attach’ accessory division

Micro-P has announced a new, focused accessories division, named ‘Attach’, to help drive sales for partners.

Attach pulls together both Micro-P’s mobile and IT accessory offerings into one division, supported with an advisory and supply team so that Micro-P business partners have all they need in this burgeoning market.

John Doughty, Micro-P’s head of business development, commented: “Accessories have always been a strong staple margin-maker for the channel, and today with the growth in demand for expensive smartphones and tablets, they are even more so. Consumers and business users want to protect their investments while also enhancing their functionality, and if the device looks good, the accessories have to look great as well.”

The world of Attach is all set to help Micro-P’s channel partners better support and maximise cross sell opportunities. Micro-P has embarked on an aggressive recruitment drive to bolster its internal team for Attach, and is in the process of building a new showroom to give resellers a better opportunity to get close to the accessories, products and brands that it has available.

Doughty noted: “While accessories add value to the service our business partners offer, accessories can also add a significant additional amount to a customer’s order; multiply that by a corporation’s devices and you have a significant windfall, all thanks to cases, screen protectors, car kits, wireless headsets and earphones, not to mention laptop and tablet bags, lightning cables, docks and more. It’s easy when you realise there is always an attach.” 

GfK stated in February 2013 that the UK tablet market grew 267% in sales volume in 2012 versus 2011, which has helped drive the market for protective tablet accessories; December 2012 was the biggest sales month for mobile accessories since January 2011, GfK claimed, with the protection segment of the peripherals sector that includes both cases and screen protectors leading the charge. 

Commenting on the launch, Paul Bryon, sales director at Micro-P, added: “As the largest distributor of tablets and PCs in the UK, together with our ever-strengthening position as a mobile distributor, Micro-P is perfectly placed to drive higher attach rates for our vendors, as well as resellers.”

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