Yoyotech's C Kohli shares his experience of overcoming the economic slump

C Kohli: My business has come steaming out of the recession because of C2000

Yoyotech’s managing director C Kohli tells PCR why he holds Computer 2000 in such high regards.

One of the most amazing stories to come out of the channel since the start of the economic slump in 2008, has been that of Computer 2000 and its drive to support the local customer.

Today, I would like to share our experience. At a time when many disties have ramped up controls and backed away from customers, C2000 has gone the other way entirely, organising biweekly visits and working with us to improve the quality of its service and improving terms wherever possible. I have long said that distributors can only really offer two services: hold stock and provide credit. C2000 has done both of these so much better than its competitors and much more, which has allowed us to grow and sustain our business in difficult times.

We’re now moving more parcels and systems than ever – and it just would not have been possible without support from C2000. While running our regular operations, we have been working on a number of other plans, all of which C2000 has supported fully.

Sure, there can be issues – as with any distie relationship – but C2000 has met each of these head on, providing real solutions in real time, and their new customer service system has helped us improve our customer experience too. And it’s not only just for our business, I’m hearing positive things from across the industry.

A few years ago, when you attended an annual event like the PCR Awards and the names of the various disties were called out as nominees, there would be some ironic jeers from all the tables – myself included. Well, no more. My business has come steaming out of the recession because C2000 has done such a terrific job, and for that, I now hold them in the highest regard and will be cheering hard any time their name is read out. C2000 has been amazing and we could not have wished for a better distribution partner.

More power to them!

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