The Doctor cautions that humanity will get stuck in the world wide web

Doctor Who warns of Wi-Fi dangers

The Doctor has made an appearance on Earth to warn that using open Wi-Fi channels could result in death.

"We’re living in a Wi-Fi web," he noted, making the internet an obvious target for an alien invaders looking for an easy way to get access to humanity. 

Apparently, people looking for free Wi-Fi networks have been tapping into a mysterious open channel that then uploaded souls to a global network, leaving their bodies behind to slowly die.

Perhaps you’re asking, Doctor Who? But this man has previously saved people from being consumed by televisions. There are inherent risks in the technology channel and the Doctor is protecting us.

Whilst the Doctor and his companion Clara Oswald have eliminated the threat for now – said to be working out of the Shard in London – the advice not to jump onto unfamiliar networks is a good one.

IT distributors worldwide are now reporting serious increases in sales of dial-up networking products.

Be safe. 

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