Rudeness and arrogance tops High Street shopper's list of gripes

High Street shoppers turned off by rude shop assistants

“Arrogant and rude staff” have been named as the biggest shopping annoyances by a survey of 1,500 High Street consumers.

A quarter of respondents named the attitude of shop assistants as their biggest concern, followed by queue jumpers (16 per cent).

“Rude staff are the most irritating aspect of shopping on the high street,” one respondent said. “I find it more common in high-end stores where assistants make you feel unwelcome. On other occasions, employees look disinterested and will only help if they absolutely must.”

Slow walkers attracted two per cent of the vote and loud in-store music one per cent.

“Shopping on the High Street has become an increasingly frustrating event and is no longer seen to be a leisurely activity especially when customers have to deal with various annoyances,”’s Steve Barnes stated.

“The annoyances are made worse when the sales are on because it’s much busier – or at the weekend when everyone seems to hit the shops.”

Here’s the top ten shopping annoyances:

1. Arrogant and rude staff – 25%?

2. Queue jumpers – 16%?

3. Wrong sizes on hangers – 15%

4. Inconsistent sizing – 14%?

5. Small dressing room – 9%?

6. Cluttered stores – 7%?

7. Damaged goods – 6%?

8. Lack of personnel to help during busy periods – 5%

?9. Slow walkers – 2%

?10. Loud music in store – 1%

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