GPU maker also showcased its latest Cloud cards, which are set to power the latest games streaming services

AMD reveals high-end Radeon HD7990 GPU

AMD has lifted the lid on its upcoming GPU products, including its latest high-end Radeon HD 7990 card.

Making its debut in front of the public at this year’s Games Developers Conference, AMD remained tight-lipped over the card as Matt Skynner, AMD’s general manager of graphics business, showcased the card to those in attendance.

“This is the first public showing,” said Skynner, “We’re not saying much about it other than it’s two series-7900 GPUs on a single card, and it’s whisper quiet.”

The Radeon HD 7990 is set to go head-to-head with NVIDIA and its own recently unveiled high-end card: the GTX Titan. Both GPUs will compete for the title of world’s fastest card once they hit retail later this year.

AMD also took the opportunity to show-off its Radeon Sky cards, which will feature at the heart of data centres powering cloud gaming services, much like OnLive.

David Cummings, the firm’s general manager of professional graphics, said: “Data and services are moving the cloud, and so is gaming."

“What do gamers want from the cloud? They want the experience to be easy to install, easy to use, and available from on any device at any location.”

Cummings also highlighted the firm’s desire to focus on the Cloud with its new products.

“AMD intends to support the whole cloud: The home cloud and the public cloud," said Cummings, “Cloud gaming requires HD gaming at 30 fps, outstanding compression, optimal density – meaning the best performance per watt and the most users per GPU – minimal latency, and enterprise-grade hardware.”

Spec-wise, the Radeon Sky 900 will boast two GPUs, each with 3GB of DDR5 memory, whilst the Radeon Sky 700 and 500 will feature 6GB and 4GB of GDDR5 memory respectively.

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