Following Apple's refusal of a refund, father will see teenage son arrested as a way of "embarassing" Apple

Father would see son arrested over £3,700 in-app binge

A father whose 13-year-old son went on an app store spending spree could see the boy arrested in an attempt to "embarrass" Apple.

Local paper, This is Bristol, reports that Doug Crossan adopted an unique strategy when dealing with an excessive app store bill, by filing the incident with local police, which accuses the boy of committing fraud.

It is understood that Crossan’s 13-year-old son Cameron spent over £3,700 on in-app content across a three-month period, with one purchase in particular costing upwards of £80.

Having witnessed similar incidents, where parents have been refunded the costs incurred over unauthorised app-purchases, Crossan had hoped to receive similar treatment.

But whilst Apple has recently clarified its position on app purchase refunds, the firm has reportedly dismissed Crossan’s case, stating that all iTunes sales are final.

"We have asked Apple to consider our case in the same light, as the case is mirrored by him playing exactly the same free games, but Apple have refused by saying the sale on iTunes is final and no refund," claimed Crossan.

"Apple iTunes are now refusing to speak to me or give me an idea of why they will not refund. They sent me a copy of the terms and conditions stating that all purchases are final and further contact should be by way of a solicitor. None of us had any knowledge of what was happening as there was no indication in the game that he was being charged for any of the clicks made within the game."

Following Apple’s dismissal of the case, Crossan hopes that filing the incident with local police will lead Apple to have a change of heart.

The father is even willing to see his teenage son arrested over the incident, if it will lead to a refund from Apple.

"I just wanted to call Apple’s bluff… I am sure Cameron had no intention to do it but I had to have a crime reference number if there was any chance of getting any credit card payments refunded," said Crossan.

"In theory the local police station would contact me and ask for Cameron to come in to be interviewed. I could make it difficult of course and refuse to bring him in and they would have to come and arrest him. Really I just want to embarrass Apple as much as possible."

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