Reports indicate that Apple has dumped Samsung as the display supplier for its upcoming iOS devices

Apple reportedly drops Samsung displays in next-gen iPads

As Apple readies its next-generation iPad tablets to launch later this year, reports from Korea indicate the devices will no longer feature Samsung displays.

Initially reported by ETNews, Apple has issued its part estimates to the firm’s component suppliers over its upcoming iPad and iPad mini devices and it is understood that Samsung’s display department were absent from the list.

Previously, Samsung had provided displays for the iOS devices, along with bit Sharp and LG. However, it true, the reports would indicate that Samsung has been ditched.

In addition to providing displays for the iPad, Samsung has also traditionally produced processors for the devices too, but the report makes no mention as to whether the firm will continue to provide chips for Apple’s flagship tablet.

Previous reports have indicated that Apple had contacted Intel with regards to the firm taking over as the chip manufacturer for the firm’s iOS devices. Given the tested relationship between Apple and Samsung, word of a potential break up between the firms would be too much of a surprise.

Despite the report, Samsung has reportedly brushed off the claims.

ETNews quotes Samsung’s vice chairman, Oh-hyun Kwon, as saying: "The orders [for components] can go up and down in the course of any business – some are sensitive about the issue, but I am not worried about it."

For now the report remains pure speculation, but the end of the Samsung-Apple relationship is inevitable, and could happen sooner rather than later.

iPad image from Shutterstock/maxhphoto

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