Build 9364 of Windows Blue has surfaced online, which details a number of new features for the Windows 8 OS

Windows Blue build leaked online

A build of Microsoft’s unreleased update to Windows 8, currently known only as Blue, has leaked online.

Build 9364 of Windows Blue has reportedly landed on multiple fire-sharing sites, which detail the download as the 32-bit edition of Blue, sized at 2.63GB.

It is believed that the file has surfaced online via a Microsoft partner based in France.

Blue initially caused a stir on its initial reveal, with many believing the software to be Microsoft’s latest operating system – a potential successor to Windows 8.

However, further leaks have indicated that Blue is the first major update to Windows 8, rather than a new OS in itself.

Notable inclusions within the update include both larger and smaller live tiles, allowing for greater Start screen personalisation and side-by-side app viewing, which enhances multitasking efficiency within the OS. Also bundled within the leaked build is Internet Explorer 11.

Check out a posted walkthrough of the Windows Blue build below.

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