Delays game launches on Games on Demand in deference to retail partners

Microsoft fears upsetting retailers

Microsoft has admitted that it delays the launch of gaming software on its Games on Demand service in order to avoid upsetting retailers.

According to T3, the vendor is afraid that the possibility of making its retail partners feel threatened could see a potential backlash as retailers in turn refuse to sell the Xbox console and its games.

“We have a lot of strong partnerships with retailers. We really need them to do a lot for us,” said Xbox Games on Demand senior business manager Erik Yeager at the MIT Business in Games conference.

“They’re the ones out there selling the consoles, selling the peripherals and, in this time, we’re trying to figure out how to fit that in to the whole digital landscape shift. We’re just taking a bit of a measured pace with it.

“We really strongly believe it’s important to have these retail partnerships and the ability to sell our console is the most critical thing for us. If you don’t sell the console, you can’t sell anything else.”

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