Retailers have bumped their prices for popular software suite Office 2010 as Microsoft discontinues its sale

Microsoft discontinues Office 2010, retailers hike prices

As Microsoft discontinues sales of Office 2010, retailers have moved to raise the price of multi-license suite.

Despite the introduction of Microsoft 2013, buyers have maintained interest in the suite’s predecessor as it grants users the right to install the software on multiple PCs – a feature that was withdrawn from this year’s edition of the suite.

Launching in January, all three retail SKUs of Office 2013 provide just a single license.

Whilst initially limiting these products to a single installation, Microsoft has since provided users with the option to transfer this license on a 90-day basis following a backlash from users who condemned the restrictions.

The implementation of the single license within Office 2013 is a move widely believed to be a result of Microsoft wanting to enhance the appeal of its Office 365 software, which is offered on a subscription basis.

Whilst Microsoft has discontinued Office 2010, retailers have taken note by raising their prices for the software.

Online giant Amazon increased its initial list price for the full package of Office 2010 by $20 immediately following the news, offering the software at $170, an increase of 13 per cent.

Despite Microsoft discontinuing the sale of Office 2010 through its own online store, retailers are still moving their existing stock of the product, and are hoping to benefit from the suite’s continued popularity amongst buyers.

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