News aggregator attempts to regain userbase by providing RSS feed service

Digg aims to replace Google Reader

The news aggregator Digg is creating a replacement for Google Reader, which it says will be reading in the second half of 2013.

In a blog post, Andrew McLaughlin who is ‘entrepreneur in residence’ at Digg owner, Betaworks, praised Google Reader for its ‘forward thinking and hugely useful’ design and vowed to ‘cook up a worthy successor’.

“We’ve been planning to build a reader in the second half of 2013, one that, like Digg, makes the Internet a more approachable and digestible place,” wrote McLaughlin.

“After Google’s announcement, we’re moving the project to the top of our priority list. We’re going to build a reader, starting today.”

It’s still early days but such a service could be the catalyst to reinvigorate Digg. The service saw much of its userbase leave after the fateful ‘Digg 4.0’ update, which stripped away much of its social aspects and opened the door for greater monetisation.

“We don’t expect this to be a trivial undertaking,” added McLaughlin. “But we’re confident we can cook up a worthy successor.”

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