LG updates its Times Square ad to mock Samsung

LG trolls Samsung Galaxy S4 Times Square billboard

With Samsung’s ‘Unpacked’ event is just hours away, LG has decided to photobomb the Galaxy S4 billboard with its own Optimus G ads.

Although LG has occupied a billboard at Times Square for 20 years, it has decided to update its ad to mock Samsung’s ‘4’ theme, just in time for tonight’s event.

The LG ad now says ‘LG Optimus G is here 4 you now!’, and is placed directly above Samsung’s ‘Be ready 4 the next Galaxy’ ad. It’s even been cheeky enough to copy the black and white colour scheme.

LG even managed to very briefly squeeze its way onto Samsung’s promo video (at :50 and 2:04).

Samsung is set to unveil its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4, at Radio City Music Hall in New York at 7pm local time, midnight UK time. The event will be live streamed on Samsung’s official YouTube page.

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