Lorelei Gibb talks about the pros and cons of Facebook

Better Business: Make Facebook work for you

Lorelei Gibb discusses how to make your business stand out on the social media site.

Should you bother with a Facebook page for your business? After all, what do people use Facebook for? It’s just full of the most banal, trivial, boring updates posted by people who have too much time on their hands isn’t it? You’ve got far better things to do running your business than waste time over on Facebook.

Well yes, I have to agree that there is an awful lot of trite, uninteresting, self- gratifying junk posted on Facebook – BUT rather than this being a negative, it could play right into your hands.

What I am getting at here is the reason why people are using Facebook. It is not seen as a serious business tool because it’s where people go to hang out. This is ‘leisure’ time, not being bombarded with company updates time.

But what is leisure also synonymous with? Shopping. Facebook regulars love a bargain, or a voucher, or a coupon, or a competition (big disclaimer here – if you are thinking of running a competition on Facebook you must check out their terms and conditions first! Even if you have run a campaign before, Facebook has a habit of moving the goal posts without much fanfare).

Facebook also provides some interesting analytics for business pages – you can access the demographic of the people who are liking and interacting with you, and you can easily find out which of your updates are most popular – this can help any marketing efforts both online and in store.

Is Facebook a waste of time? In many ways it can be, but used to its full potential your Facebook business page can be put to work for you. Get it right and you could find more footfalls through your door.

Lorelei Gibb is Marketing Director at www.dolphinupgrades.com

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