Gadget Show Live shows Scousers own 40 gadgets

Liverpool named top tech city in the UK

From Capital of Culture to city of gadget lovers, new research from the Gadget Show Live shows that Liverpool residents own more gadgets than those from any other city in the UK.

They polled 1,000 people and found that Liverpudlians, on average, own 40 gadgets, compared to 39 each in Cardiff and 37 in London.

Maybe you’re wondering how on earth you get to 40 gadgets – have a look at the list at the end of this article and you’ll see that all it takes is owning everything from a smartphone (no surprise), to a sunbed, treadmill and cupcake maker.

“Is it really that surprising that Liverpool has come out top of the tech list and that Scousers have such a love affair with gadgets?” commented the Gadget Show Live’s Spencer Hidge. “Liverpudlians are renowned for their love of music, football and looking good so it makes sense that top tech like sound bars, wireless speakers, 3D TVs and hair straighteners made it onto their list.” 

The top ten tech cities in the UK and the number of gadgets they own on average: 

  1. Liverpool – 40
  2. Cardiff – 39
  3. London – 37
  4. Leeds – 32
  5. Manchester – 30
  6. Birmingham – 27
  7. Belfast – 26
  8. Glasgow – 23
  9. Edinburgh -19
  10. Newcastle – 15

And what is supposedly a ‘typical’ list of gadgets owned by your average Liverpudlian: 

  1. Smartphone
  2. Tablet
  3. Laptop
  4. MP3 player
  5. Digital camera
  6. Digital watch
  7. Digital radio
  8. Kindle/e-reader
  9. Portable games console
  10. Games console
  11. 3D TV
  12. LED TV
  13. Wireless speakers
  14. iPod dock
  15. Jacuzzi
  16. Digital photo frame
  17. Home cinema system
  18. Projector
  19. Satellite TV
  20. GPS running watch
  21. Treadmill
  22. PowerPlate
  23. Mobile Fitness Apps
  24. Nike Fuel Band
  25. Remote controlled toys
  26. Electric scooter
  27. In-car stereo
  28. Hi-tech car security system
  29. Sat Nav
  30. In-car DVD players
  31. Hair straighteners
  32. Hairdryer
  33. Heated eyelash curlers
  34. Sunbed
  35. Electric razor
  36. Juicer
  37. Breville sandwich maker
  38. Electric blanket
  39. DVD player
  40. Cupcake maker 


Based on the popular Channel Five programme, Gadget Show Live is the leading consumer tech event in the UK showcasing gadgets that have never been seen before in the UK. It takes place from 3-7 April at the NEC in Birmingham.

Liverpool image from Shutterstock

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