Firm delays flagship smartphone whilst looking to meet pre-orders

HTC One delayed until April

Potential buyers awaiting the release of the HTC One will have to wait just a little longer, as the firm has announced it is pushing back the device’s release.

HTC revealed that consumers who had already pre-ordered would receive their device by the end of March, whilst the One wouldn’t appear in additional markets until some time in April.

The delay will no doubt hurt HTC, as the firm continues to battle against flagging profits and poor. HTC had hoped that the new device would be a turning point for the firm but the recently announced delays may cause further problems.

Timing couldn’t be worse for the HTC as Samsung gears up to unveil its own flagship Galaxy S4 handset tomorrow, which is sure to dominate the smartphone market much like its predecessors in the Galaxy range.

An earlier release of the One may have provided a much needed boost for HTC, but if the device is released in direct competition with the Galaxy S4, whilst word of a new iPhone later this year continues to linger, it’s difficult to see the handset garnering much attention.

HTC hasn’t revealed its reasons for the delay, but it is widely believed to be a result of the lengthy and complicated manufacturing process behind the One. The firm confessed to CNET last month that the all-metal frame takes 200 minutes to produce for each individual unit.

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