Microsoft is expected to offer Windows 8 discounts to PC makers, which will result in cheaper devices

Windows 8 touch-screen laptops face discounts as Microsoft cuts license fees

With word on the street that Microsoft is about to implement Windows 8 discounts to PC makers, touch-screen laptops could soon receive price cuts as a result.

Initially reported by Digitime, the site claims sources at Taiwanese retailers have anticipated that discounts between 10 and 20 per cent are on the way.

The move is expected to boost sales of such devices by as much as double, from the current ten per cent, up to 20 per cent.

Microsoft is widely expected to lower the costs of its latest Windows 8 operating system for PC manufacturers in response to lacklustre sales, with many firms calling out for such a price cut in the hopes of reviving interest in products, which simply aren’t selling.

The move isn’t simply limited to touch-screen laptops either, with may predicting that lower-cost Windows 8 tablets and hybrid devices will follow.

Bob O’Donnell, IDC analyst told CNET: "The problem is the PC market is horribly stalled so they have make some pretty dramatic moves to reignite the market."

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