Intel has reportedly been in talks with Apple over a potential deal, which would see the chip maker take over the reigns from Samsung

Apple reportedly set to ditch Samsung in favour of Intel chips

Apple is believed to be in talks with Intel over plans for the firm to replace Samsung as the chip-maker for its future mobile devices.

Despite the heated rivalry that has developed between Apple and Samsung over multiple patent court cases and IP infringement lawsuits, the firm’s continue to be linked by a contract, which sees Samsung produce its mobile processors for Apple’s flagship devices.

Currently, the iPhone 5 features the South Korean firm’s A6 CPU, whilst its A6X chip powers Apple’s newest iPad 4.

Whilst Apple would certainly like to ditch Samsung amidst the two’s strained relationship, the move would make even more sense for Intel in order to bolster its presence in the mobile device market.

Even though Intel remains the world’s largest and most valuable chip-maker, it’s current portfolio boasts little in the mobile processor market, working only with manufacturers such as ZTE.

A potential deal would almost certainly provide a boost to Intel, with Macquarie analyst Shawn Webster predicting a deal could generate an additional $4.2 billion in revenue for the firm in 2015.

Meanwhile, Apple would benefit by maintaining a relationship with a quality chip-maker for its upcoming mobile devices.

However, whilst a Reuters source claims that the firms have held preliminary talks, a deal had yet to be reached and could potentially be a long way off.

With rumours indicating that Apple is already hard at work on its next iPhone and iPad offerings, which are said to be launching later this year, it’s safe to assume that the device will continue to feat Samsung chips – at least for the time being.

Intel continues to refuse comment on the speculation.

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