Despite the game's UK launch set for midnight tonight, prospective users may face a much longer wait as server problems continue

EA works to alleviate SimCity server woes ahead of UK launch

EA has said it is working against the clock to fix issues surrounding the UK launch of SimCity, which becomes available tonight at midnight.

SimCity’s launch in the US has been marred by server troubles and reports of players unable to access the game due to the title’s ‘always online’ internet DRM.

Problems surrounding EA’s digital download service Origin continue to linger, whilst players are unable to play the game – even the single player mode – due to high server traffic.

Ahead of the game’s UK launch tonight, EA has told PCR‘s sister publicationMCV that it is working to have any issues fixed ahead of the midnight launch.

“We are experiencing extremely high server volume and it’s preventing some players from gaining access to the game,” said an EA spokesperson, “Our server team is working around the clock to resolve this issue so that we can get the rest of our fans into the game.

However, the publisher maintains that some issues may linger throughout the launch and could potentially extend into the weekend.

“We are aggressively undergoing maintenance on our servers to add the necessary capacity to meet the demand. Players may continue to play throughout the weekend but we want to note that performance will fluctuate during this time. We thank our fans for their continued patience.”

The issues have certainly riled up fans of the title, who have been quick to criticise EA over the game’s launch and its failure to accurately anticipate the sheer popularity for the game.

As a result, SimCity’s rating on review aggregation site Metacritic has nosedived. Despite largely positive reviews from critics, with the game scoring 82 out of 100, the user-managed voting system has plunged to just 2 out of 10 as players vent their frustrations over their inability to play the game.

EA will need to find a solution to the problems quickly, as the largely celebrated title leaves a sour taste in the mouths of prospective players who’re unable to play due to much-criticised DRM restrictions.

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