Chinese phone maker believes it can produce a high-end smartphone to rival the market's bigger players

Huawei CEO predicts firm will overtake Apple and Samsung

Chinese phone maker Huawei has predicted it could topple both Apple and Samsung in order to become the top smartphone vendor.

Speaking at last week’s MWC event in Barcelona, the firm’s CEO Wan Biao spoke of both Apple and Samsung’s rise to success in the smartphone market

"If you look back five years ago, Apple is small, Samsung is not so big," Biao told the Telegraph.

The CEO went on to predict a similar future for Huawei, believing that the firm could overtake its closest rivals in order to become the top player in the smartphone market.

"You can’t see where we’ll be in five years. At least top three. Maybe number one."

Huawei has long had a firm grip in the opposite end of the market, boosting a wide range of budget and entry-level devices. However, he CEO appreciates that in order to take on the likes of both Apple and Samsung, the firm’s new devices need to be ground-breaking.

"Our philosophy is that, within any one price segment, Huawei’s the best one. And in the price segment of the iPhone, second half of this year, we have a new flagship, targeted at the higher end."

With Samsung set to unveil its latest Galaxy smartphone in ten days, and Apple rumoured to unveil new additions to its iPhone range later this year, Huawei will certainly have the opportunity to test itself against the might of the former two firms.

Likewise, Huawei’s wider rivals within the market wont be sitting comfortably following the comments and the firm’s prediction of at least a top three finish. Expect to hear from the likes of Nokia, BlackBerry and HTC very shortly.

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