Upgrades online licensing tools to offer more flexibility for resellers

Westcoast supports Office launch with online tool set

To support the launch of Microsoft Office, Westcoast has unveiled a tool that will help resellers with license pricing, quote management and product delivery.

The Licensing at Westcoast tool, or L@W as it’s also known, is an award winning system that already has thousands of users from across the UK and Ireland. It allows Westcoast partners to place their licencing orders online, and has already been upgraded to accept the new Office 365 orders.

“The new Office from Microsoft is going to be Microsoft’s top selling product through the channel this year. No matter how you license it, end-users are going to want Office and our job at Westcoast is to make it easier for you,” said Westcoast’s sales and marketing director, Alex Tatham.

“Office 365 through the channel is new. Resellers will be delighted to know that L@W is on-hand to help them quote their customers and keep them updated.”

He added: “Dealing electronically with these complex licenses and creating an interface for resellers is critical to success. With apologies to Henry Ford – you can have Office any way you like – as long as it’s Westcoast.”

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