Wristband expected to cost less than $20

VIDEO: Wear your passwords on your wrist

PassBan is set to launch a wristband that can unlock a phone or tablet with a simple flick of the wrist.

The company showed off the password wristband at its developer event on Wednesday, demonstrating how the its tools will let third-part developers incorporate PassBan’s technology into their applications.

Those with a wristband can set it up to authenticate themselves with a shake or tap. If someone has your phone and your wristband, and also happens to know your gesture, you can also set up an additional factor, such as a sequence of colours.

PassBan’s wristbands are set to be available in the next couple of weeks and are expected to cost less than $20.

So would you be willing to add this brightly-coloured wristband to your wardrobe for the sake of better mobile security?

Check out PassBan’s demo video below:

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