New method could mean faster transfer speeds and web load times

Google pioneers new data compression techniques

Google has released a new method of data compression, called Zopfli, that improves internet page load times and offers faster data transfer rates.

The open source algorithm is a development of the Deflate algorithm, which compresses data to a smaller footprint than previous techniques – typically three to eight per cent smaller compared to the widely-used Zlib software.

Due to the exhaustive compression techniques used, Zopfli takes longer to compress data than Zlib but decompression times are not affected. For this reason, Google says the software is best used for applications where a single source of data is being sent out to multiple recipients.

“The smaller compressed size allows for better space utilization, faster data transmission, and lower web page load latencies,” wrote Lode Vandevenne, software engineer with Google’s Compression Team on the Google Developer’s Blog.

“Furthermore, the smaller compressed size has additional benefits in mobile use, such as lower data transfer fees and reduced battery use.”

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