Bomberman’s 30th anniversary celebrated with unofficial MMO

Bombermine: 1,000-player Bomberman blasts onto the web

Bomberman fans get ready to piss your pants and have a very unproductive workday.

An unofficial version of SNES title Super Bomberman has made its way onto the web to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the White Bomber.

Bombermine is an online version of the classic game which offers support for up to 1,000 players. Yep that’s right, at any one time there could be up to 1,000 players all shouting at their screens as they get a bad case of bomb diarrhoea and inevitably blow themselves up – arse first.

Although still recognisably Bomberman, the free MMO has a few additional surprises in the form or a manic Nyan Cat that zooms about the screen farting out rainbow bombs. There’s also a Pac-Man powerup giving the player the ability to literally eat the level.

If you’re unlucky enough to get a mystery box which turns you into Pokemon’s Slowpoke, you’ll find yourself crawling around the level at a painfully slow pace as blood-hungry players lay a charming array of bombs around your fat pink body. Good luck with that.

Those wishing to get in on the action can do so at Be warned, this is one addictive bomb-fest.

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