Participants highlight what difficulties they would face in a world without apps. The results are concerning and downright laughable.

23 per cent of people ‘unable to feel happy’ without apps

Yes, it would appear that smartphone users have finally become so attached to their apps, that any withdrawal is having adverse effects. Supposedly.

Apigee surveyed mobile device users on the importance of apps within their daily lives. Some of the answers were common sense. Some raised a few eyebrows. A few were downright upsetting.

Out of the 762 respondents that took part in the survey, 48 per cent said they would be unable to check their email in a world without apps. Fine, fine, I guess.

32 per cent shared the belief that they would find simply waking up an unachievable task without their trusty apps. I’d probably point them in the direction of the nearest dicitonary and highlight: Alarm Clock; A clock that can be set to sound a bell or buzzer at a desired hour. But, ok.

Meanwhile, a staggering 23 per cent of participants said that the one thing they would be unable to do without apps is "feel happy".

It’s hard to believe that an app could have such as important role in someone’s daily life. But it gets worse.

Rounding off the list, 19 per cent would be unable to maintain their relationship; 13 per cent would be unable to find dates; 12 per cent unable to order dinner, and 10 per cent unable to impress people.

It would seem that we should be thankful for our smartphones and the bounty of apps available. If they were to suddenly disappear, we’d be left with a world full of un-contactable, lost and starving lifeless individuals incapable of developing or maintaining any form of human relationships.

Far be it from me to label these individuals as feeble morons, but my greater concern, admittedly, would not be the demise of smartphone apps and the sudden collapse of humanity that would supposedly follow.

No, it’s the knowledge that these people are wandering the same streets as I – those 762 respondents are scattered across the western world in the UK, USA, France, Germany and Spain.

Let’s take a brief moment to appreciate app stores everywhere; a world without them would be a grim place indeed.

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