Consumers may soon be able to carry out checks for medical issues such as diabetes and cancer, simply by using their smartphone

Smartphone app allows users to test urine for medical conditions

Smartphone users are now able to scan and analyse their urine for potential medical issues using just their device with a newly unveiled app.

Uchek is capable of testing for 25 different conditions, such as diabetes, cancers and urinary infections, without the need to even leave the home.

It is hoped that by offering mobile health solutions, users will increasingly become aware of the importance checking for such issues.

Creator Myshkin Ingawale unveiled the app at this year’s Technology, Educations and Design conference, whilst sharing his belief that the app could soon save lives.

"I wanted to get medical health checks into users’ hands," Ingawale told the BBC.

Currently, the app is being put through its paces in Mumbai, India, where the Uchek is being tested for accuracy against laboratory machines, which are typically used to perform such tests.

"If it does well we can make it available to mobile clinics. Instead of buying a $10,000 machine they can use their existing smartphones," continued Ingawale.

Uchek works by identifying the presence of elements within the urine, including glucose, proteins and nitrites, which are linked to a variety of medical issues.

To perform a test, users must collect a sample of urine, into which they must dip a standard test strip. The strip is then placed on a supplied mat, which works to normalise the strip’s colours regardless of lighting and user’s surroundings and a photo is taken via the Uchek app, which then analyses the colours of the strip for irregularities.

Uchek is set to be available from Apple’s app store by the end of March for £13, which includes both the testing strips and mat.

Whilst initially only available on iPhone, Ingawale confirmed that work on an Android version of the app is already under way.

Given the popularity of smart devices, apps such as Uchek would have massive implications on health care if adopted by consumers, who may be more inclined to regularly carry out such medical checks if the process of visiting the doctor is removed.

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