Despite criticism over its previously planned terms of service changes, users continue to flock to the photo-sharing app

Instagram hits 100 million monthly users

Instagram’s popularity continues to skyrocket with the photo-sharing site now boasting over 100 million monthly visitors.

The site’s growth has been linked to the readily available imaging technology on today’s smartphones and other mobile devices, in addition to its growing partnership with the world’s largest social-networking site, Facebook.

Despite angering users with its newly introduced terms of service, which suggested that Instgram would take ownership of any images posited by users via the site, Instagram has survived without even a scratch.

An addition that has certainly aided Instagram’s success is its integration with the Android mobile device platform.

Before launching on Google Android OS, the service hosted just 30 million users per month, purely from the iOS market.

But in just the eight months following Instagram’s launch on Android through a dedicated app, that figure now sits at the 100 million revealed this week.

The number have no doubt been boosted by the newly released browser version of Instagram, which allows users to view images hosted on the site, even when not on a smart device.

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