Pledges to invest €50 million to develop architecture and functionality

EU pushes for 5G – even though most countries don’t yet have 4G

The EU has pledged funds to gain a lead in 5G despite the fact that only ten of the 27 member states have yet introduced 4G.

According to MacWorld, the move is part of an effort on the EU’s part to regain its lead in mobile technology, and will see funding put aside to help develop the architecture and functionality of European 5G networks.

EU digital agenda commissioner Neelie Kroes is quoted as saying that the EU has ‘shot itself in the foot’ over wireless allocation in the past, with some countries treating the auction of data development rights as a fund-raising exercise rather than an investment in the future.

“We want 1200Mhz of spectrum for wireless broadband. We’ve already allocated 1000, but most E.U. countries have only made 650 or less available. That is a huge waste, it’s inexcusable,” said Kroes.

The EU has also faced problems from member states that, while committed to the idea of a single digital market, often resist the actual implementation of it in a spirit of protectionism.

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