Google's head of Android reportedly talks fears over Samsung's continued success on the platform

Google fears Samsung could become a threat to Android

Google’s fears over Samsung continue to mount as the leading Android device maker grows from strength to strength.

The Wall Street Journal makes the claim, digging up a 2012 meeting with Andy Rubin, Google’s head of Android, during which Rubin reportedly celebrates Samsung’s success through the mobile platform whilst forewarning that it could lead to trouble in the two firms’ relationship.

Rubin warned that if the success that Samsung has experienced within the smartphone market continues, it could potentially leave Google in a undesirable position.

The Android head even went as far to admit that Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility was a direct response to Samsung’s success, labelling the takeover as "a kind of insurance policy".

The comments would certainly make sense. Last year, Samsung’s market share in the smartphone sector stood at 39.6 per cent of global shipments – most of which were Android powered devices.

The fear in Google’s Android camp is that Samsung could potentially follow in the footsteps of Amazon and produce its own OS, and create direct competition between the two firms.

If the claims ever result in a public split between the smartphone giants, then Google would have its Motorola under Google label to fall back on.

However, as popular as devices such as the Nexus are, they’re far from the position that Samsung and its devices, such as the Galaxy smartphone have reached.

For now, at least, expect the pair to work things through as they continue their fight against collective rival, Apple.

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