Online presence is reduced as Dixons seeks to save brand

Dixons Retail shuts all Pixmania stores

Big changes at Pixmania this month, as all physical stores across Europe have closed their doors.

Back in January Dixons promised that it would have to restructure the business, after disappointing financials that were a blemish on the Group’s otherwise strong results. 

Bloomberg reports that Pixmania closed 30 outlets – most recently ten in France last weekend, and others in Spain, Portugal and Belgium.

The brand is reducing its online presence too, leaving 12 online markets across Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe.

Founded in 2000, Pixmania was acquired by the Dixons Retail Group in 2006. It’s expanded from consumer electronics through to offering sports equipment, toys and baby products. It is expected that it will now refocus on electronics once again.

It looks like a sensible if drastic move from Dixons Retail. Pixmania is still a well-known brand in many European countries but poor performance at bricks and mortar stores was beginning to drag the Group down.

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