The country is set to open up 3G access within the country to international visitors, whilst locals will remain locked out

North Korea to offer 3G to international visitors; locals still face restrictions

North Korean officials have announced the country will soon offer wireless data connectivity to those visiting the country.

However, the service will only be available to foreigners and tourists and local residents will be prohibited from accessing the 3G service.

North Korea’s 3G network, which exists under the Koryolink brand, has been in place since 2008 but is limited to just voice, SMS and MMS services.

But from March 1st, the service will offer 3G connectivity to travellers to the state, whilst locals will continue to remain locked out.

As reported by the Associated Press, not only will visitors be granted 3G access, but will also be allowed to bring their own devices into the country. Currently, international visitors must leave such kit at the border upon entering the country.

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