The Surface Pro continues to struggle with stock shortages as the firm halts orders

Microsoft Surface Pro sells out – again

Just one week after Microsoft resumed taking orders for its Surface Pro tablet, the company has announced the device has sold out again.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro has suffered a shaky start, with supplies of the device drying up just hours after the device initially went on general sale in February 9th.

Despite reopening online orders last week and promising customers that their device would ship by March 1st, it would appear that supplies of the device has one again run dry.

It is interesting to note that rather than simply extend the shipping date of the date whilst allowing customers to continue purchasing the Surface Pro, Microsoft has halted all orders of the device.

Whilst the 128GB version of the Pro continues to sell out, the much-criticised 64GB edition of the tablet has continued to remain available.

Many have shared their concerns over the 64GB Surface Pro and its limited storage space, as users were left with just 30GB of useable storage once the device’s operating system and other key files were installed.

Erza Gottheil, analyst with Technology Business research, blames the shortages on Microsoft’s underestimation of the demand for the Surface.

"It’s beginning to look like this isn’t a problem with building up enough inventory for the launch, but that Microsoft underestimated demand," said Gottheil.

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