Joins board of directors to show a new era of transparency for the vendor

Yahoo founder Jerry Yang joins Lenovo

The former CEO of Yahoo, Jerry Yang has joined Lenovo’s board of directors as an observer.

Exactly what Yang will be doing at Lenovo is unclear. According to the WSJ, he will be unable to vote or have any of the rights afforded to a director but he will be paid $61,875 per year and receive shares to the value of $135,000.

“Jerry’s appointment as an observer to our board furthers Lenovo’s reputation as a transparent international company,” said Lenovo’s chief executive, Yang Yuanqing.

“As Lenovo continues to build on its momentum and establish itself as a global technology leader, Jerry’s perspective, experience and proven entrepreneurial spirit will help us continue to drive growth and expand our business.”

It’s speculated that Yang’s appointment will both aid Lenovo in any cloud-based initiatives they might invest. The company hinted it might look to that sector following the acquisition of the software vendor, Stoneware.

It’s also thought that Lenovo may be trying to divert any potential criticisms that it is a company with little accountability, as it has also recently hired both former ARM president, Tudor Brown, and former Sony chairman, Nobuyuki Idei, as non-executive directors.

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