New figures released by the Government highlight the elderly and disability sufferers as those who have never accessed the web

Seven million Brits have never logged on to the web

New official government figures have revealed that over seven million people living in the UK have yet to access the internet for the first time.

The data was released by the Office for National Statistics within its Internet Access Quarterly Update report, which showed the UKs web access stats across the final three months of 2012.

Within the report, 7.42 million British taxpayers were found to have never accessed the internet.

The elderly were identified as a key group within the survey, with 44 per cent of those who admitted to never logging on were found to be aged 75 and above.

Meanwhile, disability was also found to play a key role in the country’s web access statistics, with the report stating that

However, disability was found to be the key issue behind the web access stats, with the report revealing that 3.8 million people – over half of the 7.42 million Brits to have never accessed the internet – were over the age of 16 and suffering with disabilities.

"This indicates that individuals with a disability are just over three times more likely never to have used the internet than individuals with no disability," said the report.

The ONS also found that those individuals from poorer backgrounds were less likely to have accessed the internet. Over 300,000 Brits whose gross weekly pay fell below £200 admitted to never using the web.

"Internet use has almost reached full coverage for those earning in excess of £500 a week, with internet use above 98 per cent for all adults with weekly pay rates above this level," said the ONS.

Over 43 million people in the UK regularly log on to the internet, whilst the ONS found that the number of individual in the country who had never accessed the web had fallen by nine per cent when compared to the same period of the previous year.

The figures provide a particular challenge for the government as the UK revels in the digital age, whilst 15 per cent of its population remain offline.

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