The South Korean firm out sells Apple and rivals across the 2012 smart device market

Samsung lead 2012 in PC, tablet and smartphone sales

Samsung reigned supreme in the smart connected device market last year, beating out the likes of Apple, Lenovo and HP.

In the market where Apple reigned supreme, Samsung rose to the competition in 2012 and snagged the top spot with a portion of the market greater than that of any other single company.

The smart devices market includes both desktop and laptop PCs, in addition to mobile devices such as tablet PCs and smartphones.

Market research firm IDC released the report, which revealed Samsung to have dominated the market with its devices and a 20.8 per cent market share – a sharp increase from the 12.3 per cent it achieved in 2011.

Meanwhile, Apple was left to settle with second place with its 18.2 per cent share of the market.

Interestingly, the US firm increased its market share in 2012 too, but still fell to the strong growth achieved by its South Korean rival Samsung.

Lenovo’s 6.5 per cent shared placed the firm at third, whilst fellow manufacturers HP and Dell followed if fourth and fifth place respectively.

Samsung’s success has been linked to the strong sales achieved by its Galaxy S3 smartphone, which trumped Apple’s iPhone 5 – despite achieving record sales themselves with the flagship device.

Still, both Apple’s iPad and iPad mini continue to lead the tablet PC market, with the devices topping IDC’s 2012 data.

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