As the firm remains tight-lipped, rumours continue to circulate surrounding Microsoft's Windows Blue

Windows Blue screenshots emerge amidst rumours of new OS

Screenshots of Microsoft’s heavily rumoured operating system, codenamed "Blue", have begun to surface.

Whilst the leak offers little in the terms of information surrounding Microsoft’s mysterious project, version numbers for Blue have emerged.

A screenshot from Russian site Microsoft Portal provides both a build number of 9319 and the version code of 6.3.

Rumours surrounding Blue continue to emerge, as speculation mounts as to whether it is simply Microsoft’s first major service pack for Windows 8 – or if Blue is infact an entirely new OS in itself.

Interestingly, the version code of 6.3 would suggest the latter – if Microsoft sticks to its previously used release pattern, that is.

Version 6.0 was used by Windows Vista, 6.1 by Windows 7 and 6.2 for Windows 8. So logic dictates that Blue’s 6.3 product code would indeed make it an entirely new OS.

As for what Microsoft Blue bring, any guess would be pure speculation at this point as Microsoft continues to remain tight-lipped over what Blue actually is.

Typically, the firm would communicate an upcoming OS through beta test periods, but the firm remains eerily quite on the Blue front.

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