New patent filings reveal a device, which closely resembles Apple's rumoured iWatch device

Apple’s latest patent reveals iWatch

A new patent filed by Apple shows off a device, which strongly mirrors the firm’s highly rumoured iWatch device.

Patent applications includes what appears to be the recently showcased flexible screen technology, in addition to a "bi-table spring"

To you and I, that’s code for one of those slap-on bracelets you wore as a kid. Still, the drawings of the device certainly look impressive.

Whilst rumours surrounding Apple and a potential smartwatch device, the US firm isn’t alone with their interest in the tech, as Nokia reportedly filed similar applications back in March 2012

Little is known of the device, with many speculating an iWatch could offer a touchscreen interface that would allow for a variety of purposes, including music browsing, texting, email and even phone calls

Until the patented are granted, there is unlikely to be any more to the drawings than pure rumour. But watch this space, as 2013 is already being heralded as the year of wearable tech.

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