Lorelei Gibb from Dolphin Computers talks us through the ten steps of basic Twitter language

Better Business: Do you speak Tweetish?

Twitter has a curious lexicon all of its own, so Lorelei Gibb has penned this useful guide.


Tweet: the message that you send on Twitter.

@mention: if you want someone in particular to see your tweet you need to write @ followed by their name. E.g. “Hey @dcultd do you repair laptop screens?”

@reply: if you wish to reply to a tweet, hitting “reply” on any Twitter platform will automatically include @ before the person’s name. E.g “@pcr_online many thanks for the great article.”

DM: stands for Direct Message, which means a private message seen only by you and the recipient. An @ mention or an @ reply can be accessed by anyone on Twitter, but a DM is not publicly accessible.

#: makes a word or a sentence or phrase searchable and groups ideas together. An example of use in a business tweet would be, “latest updates on #VAT businesses need to know about”. Anyone who searches #VAT will have access to this message. Also used widely for geographic locations e.g., “new Twitter workshop in #Brighton”.

RT: stands for retweet – literally means sending out a tweet again. You should be striving to get your tweets RT’d to gain exposure.

#FF: stands for Follow Friday and is sent out on, yes, you guessed it, a Friday. It is a Twitter way of recommending to your followers other interesting people on Twitter.

Followers: people who follow you, who will see all of your tweets, including RTs but excluding your DMs in their timeline.

Following: when you follow someone you will see all of their tweets in your timeline, except DMs, and messages that begin with an @ to someone you don’t follow.

Lists: a way of ‘filing’ your followers. You can add people to lists even if you don’t follow their account and you can follow other people’s lists.

Lorelei Gibb is Marketing Director at www.dolphinupgrades.com

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