Yahoo and Microsoft’s search partnership is failing to make a dent in Google

Marissa Mayer: Yahoo-Microsoft search deal is under-performing

Yahoo’s CEO has reveal that the firm’s search partnership with Microsoft has not delivered the market share gains or revenue boost that was expected.

Yahoo and Microsoft joined forces in a 10-year search partnership in 2010 in an effort to challenge Google. But research reveals that Google retained a 66.7 per cent share in the US market as of December (two year’s ago Google had a 66.6 per cent share).

Microsoft managed a 16.3 per cent share as of December, and Yahoo only had 12.2 per cent. “We need to see monetization working better because we know that it can and we’ve seen other competitors in the space illustrate how well it can work,” said Mayer during an appearance at the Goldman Sachs technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco this week.

“One of the points of the alliance is that we collectively want to grow share rather than just trading share with each other,” added Mayer.

The CEO stated that Yahoo plans to grow impressions by cutting its roster of mobile apps from 60 to about a dozen. It will also attempt to get consumers spending more time on Yahoo’s websites to boost its ad revenue.

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