Does Apple really want to bring computers to a wrist near you?

Is the iWatch on the way?

Is an Apple watch more than mere rumour?

News agency Bloomberg says sources close to Apple believe there are currently 100 product designers working on a wristwatch computer. Enough to suggest that this is a product firmly in the pipework and not just something being played with during a brainstorming session. 

Apple isn’t completely alien to the watch sector – it already produces watch bands that fit iPod Nanos (see picture above).

But the speculation mill suggests that this would be a somewhat more complex device, which might have iPhone or iPad-like functions such as showing users incoming text messages or app notifications.

It will almost certainly tell the time, you’ll be pleased to hear.

The excitement around the possibility of the iWatch is yet another example of the Apple fandom getting a bit heated over products that don’t exist yet (see 47 per cent of Americans want Apple product that hasn’t been made yet). 

Let’s wait and watch and see…

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