Data highlights the growth of tablets, as an increased number of budget priced devices enter the market

Tablet sales rise 267 per cent in 2012

In December alone, more tablets were sold than the number of notebooks shipped in the whole of Q4 2012.

Data released by research firm GfK today has revealed that the UK tablet market grew 267 per cent in comparison to 2011.

The firm highlights the saturation of the market with budget and entry-level tablets as the main reason for the growth, with the average price point of tablets falling by 23 per cent in 2012.

This increasingly competitive pricing, matched with surging interest from consumers has seen the demand for such devices soar.

Unsurprisingly, GfK’s data found that given the strong sales of tablets, an automatic demand has been created for tablet accessories.

Tablet case sales jumped to 144 per cent in 2012, with the product now representing almost 50 per cent of the laptop bags market.

Robyn Tovey, GfK Account Manager commented: "It seems likely media tablet sales will continue to grow in 2013 as the availability of lower priced devices has made buying a tablet a more viable purchase for many consumers. Likewise, tablet cases could be expected to be the key selling product of the luggage market this year."

The new data continues to highlight the dominance of tablet devices within the PC hardware market, with more consumers moving away from traditional PCs in favour of mobile devices and media tablets.

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