Alicia Keys blames hackers for tweeting about Drake

BlackBerry Creative Director Alicia Keys blames iPhone tweet on hackers

Less than two weeks after being announced as BlackBerry’s global creative director, pop star Alicia Keys apparently tweeted from an iPhone, d’oh.

It’s ok though, because the ‘Girl On Fire’ singer has fallen back on that good ol’ excuse of being hacked.

Fortunately for her, the ‘hackers’ were incredibly uninventive. The original tweet read ‘Started from the bottom now were here!’. Supposedly this was a reference to a new album by Drake. It was quickly deleted and followed by ‘What the h*ll?!!!! Looks like I’ve been hacked… I like @Drake but that wasn’t my tweet :-(‘.

Now if I could hack into Alicia Keys’ twitter account, I’d probably just post a stupid meme…

Anyway, If it wasn’t a hacker, but rather a little slip up from Ms. Keys herself, it wouldn’t be the first time a celebrity accidentally tweeted from a rival product to the one they were attempting to endorse. Last year, Oprah used an iPad to send out a series of tweets endorsing Microsoft’s Surface tablet. Oops.

Alicia Keys joined BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins onstage at the BlackBerry 10 launch on Jan 30th, where she was announced as the firm’s new global managing director.

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