Apple's chief executive was reportedly reserved in taking legal action against Samsung

Tim Cook opposed Apple’s patent lawsuit against Samsung

Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook was reportedly against the legal charges that led to the US firm’s extended court battle, which began last year.

It is believed that Cook opposed the lawsuit as Samsung were a key supplier of components for Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices.

Cook succeeded Steve Jobs in 2011 after spending several years as the firm’s chief operating officer.

As the legal battle between the two firms rages on, more details continue to surface.

Following the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphone in 2010, both Jobs and Cook made their concerns surrounding the device known, suggesting the similarities between the device – specifically its look and feel – and Apple’s own iPhone.

Given the close relationship between the two firms, Apple believed Samsung would modify its device following the concerns. However, the South Korean firm proceeded to release its Galaxy Tab device, which subsequently triggered the lawsuits.

Apple filed its patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung in April 2011 in the hopes of prohibiting the sale of the firm’s devices in the US.

Whilst securing a $1 billion judgment against Samsung, the firm has yet to secure any lasting bans on Samsung devices.

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