US Consumer Electronics Association says it will warn exhibitors of their use of 'booth babes' but will not enforce a ban

CES ‘booth babes’ will be revised, not banned

Organisers behind the Consumer Electronics Show have rejected calls to enforce a ban on ‘booth babes’ by introducing a dress code.

Instead, the US’s Consumer Electronics Association, which runs the event, has announced it will revise the show’s guidelines on booth babes but stated that an outright ban would be "unenforceable".

The event is not the only show of its kind to face a backlash over its user of booth babes, with both the E3 video games expo and Shangai’s ChinaJoy digital conference facing similar criticism.

UK video games conference, the Eurogamer Expo, recently announced it would introduce similar restrictions for its future events.

The CEA has said its guidelines will be amended ahead of the 2014 CES event, with the association confirming it will warn exhibitors over their use of booth babes stating it may reflect badly on their business, and that any use should be given "thoughtful consideration".

Forbes journalist, Connie Guglielmo recently filed a petition calling for exhibitions to introduce a ban on the concept of booth babes, citing one firm’s use of female models in just bikini bottoms and body paint at this year’s CES event.

"I’m not against spokesmodels," said Guglielmo, "Hire all the pretty people you want. Just dress them as though they actually work at your company."

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