Firm's CEO labels 4G users with the unflattering term as its revenues drop by 5.2 per cent

4G only attracting technology freaks, says Vodafone CEO

Vodafone has claimed that many of its users aren’t jumping ship to rival provider EE and its 4G service, as it is only attracting ‘technology freaks’.

The UK provider made the claim as it announced its revenues across the Christmas period had dropped by 5.2 per cent, despite increasing its number of active subscribers by close to a quarter of a million.

Given the figures, the notion that many of Vodafone’s top-tier subscriber’s have left the provider in favour of EE and its 4G services was quickly brought into question.

However, Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao brushed off these claims, stating: "I haven’t got any reports of customers flying away to 4G."

"The kind if people who are going for it are technology freaks," Colao continued.

Whilst it’s unlikely that the CEO intended to cause offence with his comments, labelling 4G users as ‘technology freaks’ is likely not going to do Vodafone any favours. Perhaps, technology enthusiasts, would have been a more suitable choice of words?

EE launched its 4G services back in October and recently announced that its expanded network could be accessed in 29 UK cities, with 45 per cent of the country having access to the service.

Ofcom continues to auction off the UK’s 4G spectrum in an auction, which has seen the country’s major telecoms providers, including Vodafone, battle it out for their share of the high-speed service.

It is estimated that the UK’s remaining providers will have their 4G services up-and-running towards the end of the year – which will give Vodafone plenty of time to rethink its advertising strategy for the launch of its own 4G service.

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