A South Korean man has been left with second degree burns after his Samsung Note device caught fire in his pocket

Samsung smartphone catches fire whilst in user’s pocket – again

In what seems to have become a recurring problem for the brand, a second Samsung smartphone has exploded in the space of a year.

A South-Korean man has been left with second-degree burns and a one-inch wound to his thigh after his Galaxy Note set alight whilst in the pocket of his trousers.

Local officials confirmed that the battery from the device later exploded, but only once it had been removed from the device it was contained in.

In a somewhat ironic twist – and one that could (not literally) blow up in Samsung’s face – the incident happened in the country where the firm is based.

Whilst a local newspaper reported the incident, the Associated Press has stated that it is yet to be confirmed.

Unluckily for Samsung, this isn’t the first time one of its devices has caught fire, and is the second time it has happened in South Korea.

Just last year, a Galaxy S3 reportedly exploded in Ireland whilst charging in its user’s car.

Despite the reports, Samsung has stated that it is not planning an investigation into the alleged incident.

It’s a widely known fact that lithium-based batteries are subject to overheating and there has been a number of incidents involving such batteries catching fire – with rival firms Nokia, Apple, Dell, Lenovo and Panasonic amongst those who have suffered similar incidents.

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