Activision files copyright claim over propaganda clip, which features footage from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

North Korean propaganda removed for use of copyrighted Call of Duty footage

A propaganda video produced by North Korean authorities has been taken down from YouTube after a copyright claim from Activision.

Within the sequence, a presumably North Korean man dreams about one of the country’s space shuttle destroying a city, one that closely mirrors New York.

However, upon seeing the clip, games publisher Activision has issued a copyright claim over the video’s usage of footage taken from the brand’s Call of Duty franchise.

Scenes of destruction amongst burning buildings and missile attacks that feature heavily in the footage were ripped from the highly-acclaimed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, which launched back in 2011.

Despite producing and releasing the footage, North Korean officials have insisted that its space programme is intended for peaceful purposes.

The propaganda has emerged at a time where tension surrounding the country is high, particularly given the country’s leader – Kim Jong-un – and his desire for a ballistic missile system.

Whilst the video was initially blocked, with a message notifying users of Activision’s copyright claim, it has since been removed entirely by administrators of the North Korean YouTube channel.

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